Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's Going On

I'm a very busy person.

Here are some things I've been busy with lately:

  • Looking for furniture I'll probably never be able to afford to furnish the house that I don't yet have.
  • Looking at houses in the Northampton, MA, area on the MLS site and trying to figure out which ones we could actually afford to buy without giving away our first-born.
  • Watching "When the Levee Broke."
  • And "Dexter."
  • Trying to figure out if I've been wrong all these years by putting commas and periods inside quotation marks. (one example: "When the Levee Broke". -or- "When the Levee Broke.")
  • Reading "The Blind Assassin" which is strange but pretty good.
  • Looking at the google analytics for this blog and trying to figure out what it all means. Some things I've found out:
    • thus far no one has ended up on my blog through a search engine.
    • I get a surprising amount of traffic from the London area.
    • I go onto my blog more than anyone else. Hm.
  • Looking for some neat Czech glass item to bring back for mom.
  • Looking for a wacky Czech t-shirt (size SMALL - nothing else will do) for my brother.
  • Looking for anything that could possibly be an okay-present for my step-father who, wants and needs nothing.
  • Limiting cigarette intake before we come back, at which point I will not be smoking.
  • Losing 4 pounds (hell yeah!)
  • Getting snippy with some beyatch on a food site who undermined all of my suggestions to another member on where to eat in NYC. (see below)
  • So, maybe I didn't realize that Tony Bourdain is (according to this woman) no longer "involved" with Les Halles... on their site they do refer to it as his home base, and didn't he do a "No Reservations" last year of him in the kitchen there? No matter - she didn't need to shoot me down on everything. I was quite perturbed by it and wonders why people can't just be positive instead of feeling better about themselves by shooting others down. Hmph!
  • Taking wintry, snowy walks in the woods.
  • Drinking beer. In pubs. While eating fried cheese. Sooo good.
What have you been doing lately?


  1. I love Dexter! Great show.

    Btw, I go on my blog more than anyone else too. LOL I guess we are all obsessed with our own blogs. But someone has to be! hee hee

  2. You Now Have A Surprising amount of Traffic From Yorkshire,England!

  3. yorkshire!! whoo hoo! I knew you'd come around!