Sunday, January 4, 2009

This is NOT a Drunken Blog...

Well, not really. I did just come from the pub (Stodola, Crapper) and had 5 pivo (that's pět beers). Whatever.

Regardless, here's a couple things for today:

  • Talked to Nana today for 45 minutes (I usually limit the calls to 30 minutes - it's expensive from Europe, hello!) and found out the names of her mother's sisters (she could only remember one Uncle - Robert): Stella (hello, name for my second daughter!), Myrtle (Nana's mom), Osa (or Osea - had a hard time translating this due to aphasia), Mildred, Helen (who was with Nana when she met PaPaw - another story altogether), and JUANITA. I love Juanita!!!
  • That's awesome that I have (well, had) a great-aunt named Juanita.
  • My best friend, whose anonymity I will protect and simply call Cheesecake leaves for Denver tomorrow from NYC to start a new life with her new man. I couldn't be happier for her, though I am so, so sad for her to leave. I will also say that although she is my best friend in the whole world the beyatch has never read this blog, despite the fact that I've been gone nearly 7 months. The only thing saving her is that she's the only friend I've talked to on the phone. If and when she reads this blog, she better feel bad!
  • My brother (younger by 13 years) takes his road test tomorrow. He's another one who hasn't read this blog. You can all tell by now why I'm so depressed and lonely. Anyway, good luck, bro.
  • About to watch the last episode of "The Wire" season 4. This is the school season, which I'd heard so much about. It's amazing how accurate it is. Seriously.
  • Have to go eat 1/2 of the frozen pizza now.
That's it. Good night and good luck! (Especially those going back to work tomorrow!)


  1. Stella rocks and I won't try to name my dog that, I promise. I make no promises about Juanita though.

  2. I give you full reign over Juanita!