Friday, January 2, 2009


Do you ever have those nights (always Friday or Saturday, for me) where you are bored and it's late, and you are on the computer and just searching for ANYTHING to do??

That's me, tonight.

We didn't do ANYTHING today.

I finished Tender Is The Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which was amazing - haunting and depressing and wonderful. I loved it. A great book to read while I'm Europe.

I started reading another book, Savannah by Eugenia Price. Don't know if that's well known or not. I got it at the library. It's good so far, a big fat historical novel. The second book this year I'll read about Savannah (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil the first, of course).

I also joined blogher and thirty-something bloggers and was just browsing through the community of blogs when I was faced once again with the need to have a real name for this blog. I know, I know: Allyn, WTF is your problem? Pick a name and be done with it! Stop crying!

You're right. So ignore my earlier "I'm allyn and that's okay" post. I must have a serious identity crisis with all this crap.

I blame Andy.

He would only watch one episode of "The Wire" with me, and now I've got nothing to do.

I even dreamed about Omar (from "The Wire") last night. According to Andy I was talking in my sleep. "Don't kill Omar! Omar lives!"

But now, I may just have to watch "Pride and Prejudice" again.

Mr. Darcy will make me happy.

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