Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Cafes & a Pivnice

Now that it's January, we are in the process of planning our great return to the US, to NY and the relocation to Massachusetts.

We are planning to buy our plane tickets tonight, and return Sunday, February 1st. That's 24 days away! Oh my god!

As much as we have had a great time here for our 7 month long trip, we are both excited to come back. I'll talk more about that another day.

For now, we are in the process of still enjoying ourselves...but we are also kind of saying a long sad farewell to Prague. Of course, we'll be back - Andy's family's here! - but we both have had such a great time, and I for one have become very at home here.

Because we see the end zooming toward us, we're trying to hit all our favorite spots before we go. This of course includes restaurants and cafes.

Today we went to a great Czech pub on Národní called Krušovická pivnice in Prague, where we have been many times. The just have good Czech food and it's not crazy expensive. We shared Hermelín (see picture) and Svíčková. Their Svíčková is pretty great.

After lunch we took a big tram ride on the 22 up past the castle and back down. I love riding the tram and think it's a great (warm) way to see the city. Afterwards we went to Kavárna Louvre (Cafe Louvre, also on Národní) for some hot chocolate. We'd never been there but had heard great things about the "Horká čokoláda 'Louvre'" and figured this cold day was a great opportunity to try it. It was sooo good... very rich, like pudding or chocolate fondue, as a drink. Yum! They also had these little blank note papers on each table that say "Cafe Louvre." I like to think those are there for big business deals where one person has an offer to big they must write it on a slip of paper and then pass it over. Very classy.

Last week we went to Cafe Savoy, another favorite, for our regulars: Salát s gratinovaným kozím sýrem (salad w/ baked tomatoes with goat cheese, carmlized walnuts and a kind of maple vinaigrette), and Tatarský biftek Savoy (Beef tartare with topinky - fried bread). Double Yum! This food is SO GOOD!

These cafes are so beautiful, I just love going somewhere where I can dine in style!

Oh, and here's some more recent pics, including Kolín, New Year's and some crazy Czech wine sausage, "vinná klobása".

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