Thursday, January 22, 2009


We are leaving Prague SO SOON!

We are super excited to get back, but also super sad that we are leaving.

If you're just tuning in... we've been here in Prague staying with Andy's parents since July (2008) and it's been an amazing experience.

We've gotten used to seeing the beautiful city... it's like being in a fairy tale with that castle and the river and the Charles Bridge.

We've gotten used to semi-lousy customer service ("Ne mame" = "We don't have it", a phrase we've gotten very accustomed to hearing).

We've gotten used to not working!!!

We've gotten used to beer and smazeny syr (fried cheese) and topinky (fried bread) all the time.

We've gotten used to being in a small country.

We've gotten used to walks in the woods.

We've gotten used to gray days.

We've gotten used to playing squash.

We've gotten used to cobblestone streets.

We've gotten used to Czech tv.

We've gotten used to Andy's parents.

BUT we look forward to...

Seeing friends and family.

Moving to Western Massachusetts.

American TV!!!

Starting over in a new town, getting new jobs, making new friends and getting a new life set up.

Pretty decent customer service (hopefully... Duane Reade I still have no hope for you!).

American food (I crave sandwiches and BBQ more than anything!).

Going on a Midwestern road trip as soon as we get back (I'm comin' Nana!).

Tomorrow we go to Prague for the 3rd to last time... lunch and just walking around, then Saturday to Sudička for fondue with the brothers and girlfriends, and then next Thursday will be our last dinner out... Shadow bar for drinks and the Noi for Thai.

9 days people! Then we are back in good ol' New York!!

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