Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What? You Want More About ME?!

Oh my god! I'm such a busy bee today. Perhaps it is because I was up at dawn (9) because someone in the Gibiš family next door decided that was the right time to play a horn. What?! It's true!

(FYI - Gibiš is pronounced "Gibish" - important to know since it's now used - by me, Andy, Heather & Crystal - as a adjective or noun meaning "idiotic" or "idiot".)

Anyway, right now on Facebook there's one of those "Write a note with 25 random things about yourself" thingies going around. I did it. And I didn't even use any of my 101 facts about me!!

These are all new things about me that you didn't know and surely never needed to know! And now... you know you want to know!

So because most of you don't know me through Facebook (we should fix that!), here's my list cuz you know you can't get enough of me.

25 Things About Me

1. I was an intern at "Sassy" Magazine for one week during the summer when I was 15. But then my mother found out I was cutting summer school and made me quit Sassy and spend my days in a recording studio with her instead, where I was bored and read 3 Stephen King books.

2. I have a really bad memory about a lot of things and people that occurred between the ages of 14 and 20 and usually have to Edith for clarification.

3. I don't have a driver's license, but have to get one ASAP and I'm terribly freaked out about it.

4. I went through a period 9 years ago or so where I was convinced that something terrible was going to happen to me. I became very nervous about myself and loss of control over my actions. I still get scared about things like driving because I can picture myself driving off a cliff or bridge all too easily.

5. I love Pizza King in Anderson, Indiana. We are planning a trip to Michigan in a couple weeks and will drive 10 hours out of our way to go to Pizza King.

6. One of my favorite things is drinking in the afternoon, but as I've gotten older I find it makes me very sleepy. This makes me really really sad and makes me feel like I'm old more than anything else.

7. I can be a real bitch, particularly with coworkers I don't like.

8. When I was 10 or so I was in a gift shop with my mother and pointed out a plant that said "Rubber Plant" and laughed because I thought it was supposed to be made out of rubber, or something. Then I realized that it had condoms hanging on it and was immediately embarrassed. It took me 15 years to get over it.

9. I love NYC but hate a lot of things about it.

10. When I was 6 I peed my pants in ballet class. Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing but pants but a black leotard with white tights. My oldest friend Erika told everyone I spilled lemonade on myself and totally stuck up for me.

11. I used to reenact the lift scene from "Dirty Dancing" in the pool with my friend Dionne. Like, all the time.

12. I didn't know squat about Eastern European history or Communism before I met Andy.

13. I dropped out of high school when I was a junior (and went back a year later).

14. Coming to Prague for 7 months was worth it, but I'm sorry I didn't finish the Teaching Fellows (since, after all, I still want to teach).

15. I've never been fired from a job.

16. I watch wayyy too much TV. And I love it!

17. The only time I ever participated in karaoke (in front of strangers), I sang "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf. I forced Vicky from H-Link to sing with me but she didn't really know the words and I basically sang the whole thing myself.

18. I got engaged at the Chelsea Hotel. When Andy asked me to marry him I was so shocked I kept saying "No, no no". I finally shook off my shock and said "Yes".

19. I get really confused by explaining grammar and punctuation.

20. I can be really level-headed and confident, but whenever I'm embarking on something new, like the first day of a new job or on my way to an interview, I get so nervous I can barely breathe.

21. I show my emotions on my face. It's a bad thing.

22. I don't like being around drunk people (unless I am one).

23. I am very nervous about getting a job that is satisfying, fun and pays well while I am getting certified to teach in Massachusetts.

24. I procrastinate and usually don't write papers, lesson plans or anything till the last minute. But they always end up really great.

25. I am very needy with my close friends and am often nervous that friendships are in jeopardy.

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