Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Job Loss and Other Stuff for Today

I am getting sick. I can feel it. I just pray it doesn't turn into bronchitis, since I'm officially uninsured once I return to the US.

Andy's mother's out of her room, and back in the real world with us today, but I took a 2 hour nap and have been gulping down the remaining Airborne I brought with me, which I'd planned to take the day before the flight since I always get sick from flying.

(I LOVE Airborne! Apparently there have been lawsuits about it not working, but that's crap. It works for me. I've tested it when I've flown, and working in a classroom, and it's great. Apparently it's very controversial and the lawsuits have been all about "Big Pharma" trying to squash this alternative product. Support it if it works for you!)

Anyway, if you got that promo-post from me in your reader or email about the signatures, please ignore it. It was me accidentally letting that website post something here. We learn through mistakes, right? The whole signature at the bottom of the blog is cool, though, and one that I wanted to totally "borrow" from a great commenter and one of my new favorite bloggers, Carolina Girl . But the signature kept coming out all ugly and fuzzy, so I gave up.

Andy's brother David lost his job today. He works for Moeller, the electrical-something or other company, which was recently bought by Americans... so of course now they're doing lay offs. The sucky part is that he has a company car (and computer, and cell) and of course all that goes back to them on Friday, his last day.

The non-sucky part is that he gets a 5 month severance package AND what amounts to unemployment from the country. Nice, right? Or maybe it's not... I've never been laid off or fired, so I don't know what the deal is with severance and unemployment in the US, but either way, at least he doesn't have to freak out right now about money. Although, he does now need to get a car since he lives in a village that's not super convenient with public transportation.

So, my day's slow. How's yours?

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