Monday, January 26, 2009

Gettin' All Teary-Eyed

Andy and I are starting to feel sad.

After nearly 7 months of being here, staying with his parents, we're gearing up to leave (in case you couldn't tell from all the posts about it).

Today we woke up and are totally depressed. Now everything is all "This is the last time we'll go somewhere/do something" and it kinda sucks.

Not to mention, Andy's mom is sick and has been trying to stay away from us so we don't get sick. She's been holed up in her bedroom since last Monday. That sucks, too. We like her and want to spend time with her.

We definitely have things we are looking forward to, but it's still hard to leave.
Andy's mother never goes to the airport when we leave, because it's too sad for her. She just told Andy that she doesn't want his dad to drive us because she thinks he'll cry and she won't be there for him.

It's all so sad.

We've been incredibly lucky to take this break from reality and come here. Not to mention, it's kind of resolved a lot of things for Andy, since he hasn't been home for so long since before he left to come to the US, when he was 19. Now, he's seen how his parents and brothers are living and feels like everything's okay, and now we can get on with our lives.

Whatever, I'm going to try to get happy and just enjoy this last week.

I hope everyone else out there is having a good day!


  1. Now I'M gettn all teary-eyed. Have a good trip, and go easy on those Magic Pills.

  2. Aww I'm sorry! Hopefully you will have an amazing last week full of great memories to take with you.