Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday, thrilling Saturday

I did not watch "Pride and Prejudice" last night.
Though I might go upstairs after this and watch it now.

Instead we watched an old Czech film from 1966, "Closely Watched Trains." It won the best foreign film Academy Award in '68. It is based on the book by Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal, which I got for Christmas from Katka and Lukáš. It was a good book and kind of a weird movie.

Today I was in a super crappy mood when we got up, despite doing some of my A.M. Yoga with my boy Rodney Yee, and forced Andy to take me on a trip.

We went to a nearby city, Kolín, and walked around and then had coffee. It was pretty, and I took a few pictures which I'll post later.

Then we went to Tesco and bought groceries, including hair dye because although I did my roots just a few weeks ago, I found a gray hair. Phooey!

Not much else. I've been again reading numerous blogs about just regular people and what's going on with them, and realized this is because I don't have any "fluffy" books to read (chicklit, basically) and this is how I'm coping. I was reading one about a woman with kids and normal stuff and then read a post where she admits to being a swinger.

The plot thickens!

Happy Saturday night.

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