Friday, February 20, 2009

Visiting Nana

We're back from Michigan, which was an adventure unto itself. Mainly dealing with my 92 year old grandmother and the madness that spins around her and her husband in their new apartment (and no, it's not assisted living).

But that fun basically revolves around organizing daily medication doses into baggies (she keeps throwing out those pill holders everyone in the family keeps sending her!), trying to convince her husband she should have two hearing aids instead of one, and of course no trip would be complete without the visit to the doctor to get her toenails cut. And no charge for it!

Yeah, you know it was fun.

Actually it was. Nana is great and just laughs her ass off at everything. We also had a lovely time at the Valentine's Day dance at the Moose Lodge. Here's some pics!

We said we were on a diet... and so they took us to "Wing Night" at the Vets Club... fried chicken wings, onion rings and fried mushrooms... not sure how many Weight Watchers points this was...

Nana at Tim Horton's - isn't she adorable?

Another day at Tim Horton's, Nana's favorite place for soup and frozen cappucino

Nana laughs her ass off about her dying hearing aid!

Andy dances with Norma, the single woman who came to the dance with us.

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