Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Big Things!

Gosh, we've been here for four weeks now and we've definitely accomplished some things!

- Andy got a kick-ass job at the first hospital he interviewed at. It was his first choice, and seems like a really great, progressive place to work. He starts next Monday.

- I am making progress on reversing the effects of the I'm-30-and-am-without-a-driver's-license syndrome of which I suffer, and picked up the old driving manual and even took my 5 hour pre-licensing class yesterday.

- We bought a new car! Yes, a real, new car. 2009 Pontiac Vibe. Metallic Black. It rocks, and pictures of it and me in it will follow.

- We found a place to live!! We will be renting this condo in Pittsfield (where Andy's job is) temporarily - for at least three months - while we house hunt in the Northampton area. It's beeyoootiful and is an amazing place that we'd totally never be able to afford in NYC. Pictures of that will follow, too, when we move in, this Saturday!!

That's it for now. We're happy but totally freaking out about how much we're doing and how's it's just a lot all at once. But it's great, so who are we to complain?!

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