Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Sorry!

Because I didn't want Carrot Top to be the first thing you see when visiting my blog,I thought I'd write anything for a moment or two.

I'm sorry you had to look at Carrot Top. I really am. I know it was scary.

So, Andy and I are off to Massachusetts tomorrow. It's true. And crazy and amazing. It's the first true leg of our relocating process. We're leaving New Paltz at 8am and driving to Pittsfield.

Andy's driving Earl, our old Cutlass Ciera grandpa car, and I'm driving Samantha (or Sam - you guys name your cars, right??) our cute and new sporty little black Pontiac Vibe which is seriously an awesome car. Mom is riding with me, because, you know, I only have a permit, blah blah blah. Harvey is driving his car and bringing some of our suitcases. We are all hauling plenty of stuff.

We'll get to the condo, drop our stuff and then it's off to Northampton, where we are meeting our realtor and looking at houses! Excitement! We've fully prepared ourselves by watching House Hunters and Property Virgins all week long.

Here's to starting over and trying out a new place. Goodbye New York, I love you but need something new!

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