Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adventures in Bennington, VT & Williamstown, MA

Andy and I recently had the day off (well, he did; I, of course, seem to be on an eternal work vacation - but I AM looking!) and decided to go to Bennington, Vermont for a hike and then lunch.

I knew of Bennington because it's the home of Bennington College, a small writing college that I briefly had an obsession with attending. Bret Easton Ellis went there (author of American Psycho, which has scenes based in Harry's in NYC, the real restaurant where Andy and I worked and met one another).

If I visited Bennington, VT when I was looking at the school, I have no memory of it. So, always eager to explore new college towns, Andy and I were super excited to go there.

We went for a brief walk in Woodford State Park, on a rough, woody trail that surrounded the lake but on which you couldn't see the lake. Sad.

Unfortunately, the climbing, stretching and reaching I had to do on the trail seemed to upset my rib injury I'd acquired the previous week (from a fouled up, wine-induced jumping photo op that only caused me to fall flat on my face and - as I learned the day after this hike when I finally gave in and went to the ER - a cracked rib). So we turned around and instead sat and looked at the lake.

Then we went into town. There was a potential for a very cute town - there was a clear main street with shops and it was okay looking... but ultimately none of the restaurants (there weren't many - a couple of pubs and a couple cafes) had a menu that looked interesting and good. It was just the same old stuff served anywhere - a cobb salad, a bowl of chili, blah blah blah. We had a beer at a brewery and cruised over (took an awesome scenic route) to Williamstown, MA, where we'd had relatively good sushi at Sushi Thai Garden Restaurant.

After our failed attempt at sushi in Lenox, we've found ourselves at Sushi Thai Garden a couple times. The sushi is fine, and the prices aren't insane. Their lunch menu is a little limited, but overall it satisfies the sushi urge. Even though on this day I ordered the Box 4 special which is served in a big wooden boat. Kinda embarrassing. Kinda cool, though, too, so I'm not (really) complaining.

Picture of me & Andy: I look miserable - rib injuries are REALLY painful!

Picture of me at the hospital the next day, waiting for my x-rays.

Although I look pathetic I think I look super cute in hospital robes, which makes me excited that I recentl
y applied for some jobs where I would wear scrubs. The same thing? Not really, but both equally comfortable!

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