Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eating Out in Easthampton!

Yesterday we went to La Casita Azteca in Easthampton and it was AWESOME!

We shared the chicken Enchiladas con Mole, which were fresh and good, and the mole was truly amazing. So rich and flavorful and great. We also had a couple Dos Equis and the whole thing came to $15. We sat outside, despite clouds. It was nice and chill. I also loved the kid (he was probably 30) who was working there, he was adorable. And yes, I realize I sound like my mother when I say this. (Shut up.)

Then we went to Mt. Tom's Homemade Ice Cream & Candy Store and had some great hard-serve (is that what it's called? It wasn't soft serve...) Coffee Heath Bar frozen yogurt. Yum! This was an extra treat for me, because although I'd never been there, I have been reading the owner's blog for months, since we decided we'd be moving to the area.

Mt. Tom's is a super cute shop and was equally chill and relaxing, and I know I'll be back, with or without Andy. If not for ice cream, then for coffee, which they appear to serve as well.

This was our first foray into eating out in Easthampton (aside from that one day at Subway), and we're psyched, since this is our new home (closing date is T-minus 11 days!).

Great food in Easthampton - right on!

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