Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fin Sushi & Sake Bar

I was craving sushi last week, so Andy, Edith and I went to Fin Sushi in Lenox, Massachusetts. I'd never been to Lenox but heard it was nice, and it was only an 11 minute drive from Pittsfield.

I found Fin Sushi & Sake Bar on Trip Advisor which is a site I have used often (usually when traveling outside of the US) and the place had good reviews. I think these reviews must all have been created by staff and friends of the owners.

Overall, the food wasn't terrible but the experience was so disappointing that I will never go back...and was inspired to write this post to encourage others not to go, as well (in the event you happen to be looking for sushi in Lenox or Western Mass).

The Fin Sushi menu was not available online. But because it was in Lenox, and it was sushi, we decided to go for it. One review said it wasn't "as expensive as NY sushi."

Being from NYC I've had great sushi at not crazy-expensive prices. I will typically pay $4-$6 dollars for a roll (my usuals are Eel Avacado or Spicy Salmon). And usually I'll get gyoza or shumai for about the same price.

Fin Sushi was the only open spot on the street, and it had about half of its tables occupied. We were seated and reviewed the menu. Gyoza was $9. I didn't see shumai, perhaps I missed it but I don't think so.

Entrees like chicken teriyaki ranged from $20-$23. That's pretty pricey, but maybe it was spectacular. Based on the food we got, though, I doubt it.

Edith and Andy chose off the "Soups, Noodles and Salads" list.
Andy got the udon noodles with vegetable tempura for $10.50. We didn't realize it would come as a soup, but it did. The broth was okay, decently spicy. There weren't too many noodles and the tempura was nothing special.

Edith got the Beef chukka something for $14.50. When she asked if it was a soup, the waitress described as having a broth, and specifically used the word "savory" to describe it. Of course it ended up being sweet and really not savory at all. Nice waitress, but poor description.

Sushi rolls ranged from $5 to $9 per roll (6 pieces). The cheapest were avocado or cucumber. The eel avocado was $8. I got that and an avocado roll. There was nothing special about the sushi - and the fact that the sushi roll was rolled so pathetically that it was not closed completely and falling apart, was quite frankly a disaster. I mean, are you a sushi restaurant? Then roll your rolls properly. Come on. It really pissed me off.

Of course, it wasn't a surprise that the rolls were sucky, since the sushi guy was chatting with some customers instead of paying attention to the sushi. I had to wait for the sushi and didn't get it till about 10 minutes after Edith and Andy got their food.

Afterward, we waited for a while before we could flag someone down to get a check. At this point there were only four other tables. There was no teamwork between the two servers, so the other waiter passed us about five times (and even looked at us!) before our own waitress finally asked if we wanted the check.

If the food had been great I would have been fine with everything. But, again... poorly rolled sushi! Yuck! With everything together we were all disappointed and we won't go back. Sorry Fin Sushi!

Sad sushi

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