Monday, June 1, 2009

Preparing for The Big Move

We close on our house in one week. From today. Oh, goodness.

Next Monday we will, presumably, do the final walk-through, sign lots and lots of papers which basically promises we'll never be able to afford to eat out again (or for at least 30 years), and then get the keys to our new place.

I say this is all "presumably" taking place because although we were pre-approved for the mortgage, we are still technically in the process of getting the whole thing tied up because of little details here and there, as well as a delay with some underwriting something that had nothing to do with us...all of which is causing things to be just a little less than definite for my liking.

But, everyone involved assures us everything is normal and set and we've got our plans for next Monday, so we are under the impression that the show will go on next Monday, as planned.

It's really a wild thought that we'll soon be in a house at all, much less our own house. Living in apartments all these years has felt to me to be temporary, and then this past year has been made up of living in even more temporary places... it's amazing to think that in a week I can unpack my things and find places for them, and not have to consider packing them up any time soon. It's completely surreal.

More on relocating plans later... have to go call cable companies and set up an appointment!

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