Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recent Activity In My Oh-So-Riveting Life

Besides watching "The Hills," here's some recent activity in my life:

Andy and I visited my brother, a freshman at George Washington University in D.C., on Easter weekend to see him in a production of "Jesus Christ Superstar." (He was an apostle.) It was a great production (especially the leper scene!) and my bro rocked!

Besides seeing my brother, we also saw my mom and stepfather (who also drove down for the play) and my stepsister, her husband and their two kids. It was great!

The rest of the time was spent:
- Walking around the White House.

- Eating at Logan's Roadhouse and experiencing their amazing rolls!

- Staying at a Hilton for the first time (it was awesome!)

- Lamenting over the very few cherry blossoms that were still on the trees (where we were, at least).

Another exciting thing that happened was... I got my driver's license!
It's true. It's amazing. Seriously, I didn't think it would ever happen. But it did, even though my parallel parking was a little sketchy, and I was extra cautious when taking a left turn. Whatev, I'm officially licensed.

The next day Andy *conveniently* locked his keys in his car, so I had to go pick him up, thus initiating me into the solo driver's club. I wonder how much of that was accident vs. unconscious (or conscious) decision. No matter, it gave me the push I'm sure I needed.

A less-exciting event that took place was I became completely up to date with "The Hills." That show sucked me in like quicksand, and the more I resisted, the more I had to watch for hours a day the goings-on of those people.

I'm trying to take some time back for myself, fighting the urge to jump into "The City." Struggles.

Finally, I'm preparing for this weekend. My mother and Harvey, my stepfather, are meeting us on Saturday in Northampton to do some house-hunting. We're putting a lot of pressure on them because we want a house but have serious fears and doubts about just about everything at this point, and feel like we really need some adult pov's. They are staying the night with us, as is Buster the Westie! Can't wait!

Speaking of being an adult - my birthday is this Monday! 31! Woo hoo!
I've been pretty chill and happy with my 30s thus far, so I'm not too depressed.

I am, however, looking for a good Italian restaurant to go to this Saturday night with the family. If you know any in the Pittsfield/Berkshires area, please let me know!

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