Monday, April 27, 2009

I Have No Style*

(*Sung to the tune of "I have no legs," sung by that guy on the subway in "Kids.")

I have totally been lazy about posting and I'm so sorry! It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Mainly, two HUGE things have happened!

Last Monday was my birthday! 31 years ago I graced the Earth my arrival. I've been going strong ever since.

I never thought I'd have a problem turning 30, and I didn't. Now that I'm 31 I feel I know myself even better and have come to terms with who I am. Mainly:

- I get super nervous before going somewhere or dealing with a situation that is anything outside of my normal routine (new job, doctor appointment, seeing anyone for the first time in ages, etc.). Even thinking about it makes me one anxious lady.

- When I am mad or upset I cannot respond to someone or something immediately. If I do, the chances that I will regret my response is inevitable. Instead, I need to take at least 15 minutes to consider all sides and possible repercussions and calm down. My response is then better thought out and much more level-headed.

- I am an unbelievable softy. Nearly any sentimental or cheesy movie, commercial, story, person - anything - can bring me to tears.

- While I can be a real powerful, professional ball-buster at work, I can be a whimpering, fearful fool in my personal life.

- I have no style.

This last point I bring up because it covers a lot of territory. In terms of personal style, mine has become one of dressing way too much for comfort and not enough for style. Having little style is my style, I guess.

I have great aspirations to dress in one-of-kind, great clothing, looking hip and stylish and classy and creating mass envy among everyone I meet.

But, realistically, I'm lazy and end up at Old Navy buying the same cheap shirts that are cute but really do nothing for me. Ah, whatever. I'll work on that later.

This lack of style carries over to interior decorating.

The first apartment Andy and I had, in Brooklyn, was painted with bright reds and turquoises and had a ton of colorful Ikea furniture. It was exhausting and headache-inducing and I ended up hating everything there.

Then our apartment in Queens was white and plain and cramped with a lot of hand me down furniture. It was comfortable but messy and had no style. Followed no color scheme, incorporated no flow with objects or anything. It was a senseless mish-mash.

I have great, stylish ideas, but I kind of suck when actually making them a reality.

And so, the real reason I bring all this up...

The second HUGE thing that's happened to me...

We've found a house!

It's awesome. We found it last Saturday when looking with my mom and step-father. We found it, made an offer, haggled just a little, signed the papers, and yesterday had the inspection. It looks good.

We close (it's ours) on June 8th.

So, right now I'm obsessing over style. And sofas. And paint. And color palettes. And everything.

Needless to say, that's what I'll be thinking of and writing about for the unforeseeable future (at least until the 8th... and probably for a while after that).

Our lovely contemporary Victorian (contemporary because it was built in 1991) in Easthampton, MA.