Monday, March 9, 2009

Truth Be Told

Condo living is weird. Mainly because we came into this lovely space and were all impressed by it and it's all open and chic and a bit trendy...

but really, all it is is an apartment.

Yeah, it's got a 2nd floor bedroom/bathroom loft. But we don't use it, because it's easier to have everything on one level, and we like the shower in the downstairs bathroom better (it's a walk-in standing shower with no tub, which we're all about. We don't care for tubs. Tubs kinda suck. This probably comes from having no hot water in our apartment for years... who had a chance to even fill a tub halfway?? Not us!).

And it's loud!

As I write this it's 11:24pm on Monday night and we're getting ready for bed and our neighbors are clearly living it up. There is a part-tay going on over there. Their living room shares a wall with ours and we can hear everything.

Speaking of neighbors, we've met a bunch of them. Since the Clock Tower Condo building is this new fancy place in Pittsfield, it's not yet a fully occupied building. There are two sides, or wings (that sounds very fancy so we'll go with that) and a lot of the apartments (or should I be saying "condos"? Do condo people get all riled up if you call it an "apartment"?) are still under construction.

As explained to us by the couple we're renting from (she's from Queens, he's from Long Island, they've lived in Mass for a long time now), some of our neighbors are here full time and some are weekenders.

All of our neighbors seem to know each other. Or, if they didn't know each other before they moved in, they seem to become instant friends.

We've deduced that our building is a hot spot for recently retired nature-lovin', natural (i.e. no one covers their grey hair) people who like to ski. After all, we can see two different slopes from our windows: we are in the heart of the Berkshires.

I'm sure we're the youngest people in the building. That's fine. But it just makes the whole experience even more surreal than it already is.

Don't let my cheery and optimistic writing fool you. (You weren't fooled, were you?) It's strange here. And when I say strange, I just mean different. One thing I've learned about myself over the years is that I'm not one for change. I like stability. I'm sure it comes from being a wild child. Don't get me wrong - I'm enjoying the whole change of surroundings and I love Northampton, where we want to move (but, mind you, is not where we are currently living). But that's all okay. It's an adventure.

But, you know what I miss so much? About NYC?
This is besides my friends, my family, favorite restaurants and all the obvious.

I miss New York 1 News. You know, channel 1.

We just watched the local news here, and it was just not the same. I also realized that here in Massachusetts I won't see my normal local news people.
It's the little things that throw me off the most.

We're off to bed now, hopefully able to fall asleep amongst the rollicking time the neighbors continue to have.
Middle-aged hippie skiers apparently know how to party.
On Mondays, no less.

What do they care, I suppose?

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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't know the difference between a condo and an apartment. Is it that it's two stories?

    Also. You're that close to skiing? Ok, next winter if you're not knocked up or with infant, we're coming and I wanna go snowboarding!

    Lastly. I know what you mean about NY1. When I leave nyc, it's gonna be a hard adjustment to not put it on channel 1 to see the weather in an instant on the lower left hand corner.