Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Overload

First off, please please please admire my little icon-thingie next to the address for this blog. Doing this was quite easy, but initially finding the info to do it took about 2 hours this morning. But it's SOOOO worth it, just to have something other than the "Blogger"-B there.

Anyway, I'm a total vegetable after these great holidays. At least Andy and I went for a walk today, a nice 3 mile hike in the woods. It's so cold! It's about 32 degrees Fahrenheit. But it was sunny, which was amazing, because it's been gray for weeks now, with a little sun only for about 15 minutes a couple times a day. Then the gloomy clouds take over. I'm not a huge fan of the weather here, I will say that. At least in NY it's cold but can be really sunny. Here, it's just gray most of the time.

I've posted some pictures from right before Christmas. Click here to see them.
Some are of the Christmas market in Prague, which was nice but not as organized or orderly as the one in Nuremberg, and this caused a lot of disorderly slow-walking, eating-standing-up-while-walking, straggly annoying people that made me nearly go insane.
But, it was pretty (when I wasn't getting knocked in the eye by elbows while lifting their mulled wine or food to their mouths).
The other pictures are in Loket, which is near Karlovy Vary. It was very pretty there, all snowy and pretty, and the castle there had a really cute little Christmas market, where they actually tried to make it medieval and cool. They also have a torture museum WITH dummies, and that was fun too.

Here's some little movies from the trip... be aware that the pig one (the 4th video) is a little graphic - there is a little blood.

Will write about Christmas tomorrow!

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