Sunday, December 7, 2008


At this point I have to write a brief explanation about my friend Michael.

Michael and I met in 2001 when we were in the same training group at a medical call center. He left a couple months later (I know that crazy beyatch Healy is to blame!!!) but in the brief amount of time that he was there (and in NYC), we got along famously.

Just today I was recounting a story from Michael's blog to Andy and I reminded Andy of how much I adore Michael. When we met, I never felt such a click with someone in my life as I did with Michael. We just hit it off immediately and were really stupid and hilarious when we were together. And had a great time.

One specific memory is of us working in that basement office one evening, sitting next to each other with our headsets on, Michael in his neon orange sweatshirt. We were pretending to be helicopter pilots. Why? I don't know. I guess because we had headsets on. Were we dying with laughter and annoying the hell out of everyone we worked with? Probably. Did we care? Absolutely not.

After many years of not really being in touch, the glory of facebook has brought us back together. I couldn't be happier. Michael is funny and great and awesome. And now I have listed Michael's blog, as well as two that he follows, here as blogs that I follow (the newest - Dlisted - is awesome and excruciatingly funny snarky bitchy gossipy celeb stuff) and because I hate not giving credit where credit is due, just had to explain where all my entertainment these days is coming from. And it's all thanks to Michael!

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