Friday, December 12, 2008

Snowy day

Today is one of those lazy days...

We woke up with every intention to go play Squash (we play twice a week now and it is great fun and great exercise and surely the reason why I haven't gained any weight what with eating all the chocolates, koláč, and syr). But one look outside and we saw that it was snowing and everything was covered and very magical looking.

So, we decided we would not go out, except to take a walk later (I'm sure we'll end up at the pub for a beer - I like a walk that includes a beer in there) and so now I'm just playing on the computer. I added a ton of (mainly cooking) blogs to my blog list. I think it's because Andy's mother is the one who cooks here, and so I am cooking vicariously through these bloggers.

I also updated my igoogle birthday calendar because for some reason it had shifted nearly everyone's birthday a day later than the actual birthday. Why!? Annoying.

I've also read up on Gossip Girl news, and how much everyone else seems to hate Aaron Rose just as much as I do. I knew I wasn't the only one disgusted by his nasty hair and scraggly goatee. Eww. Oh, and the scarf. Don't forget the scarf!!

That's basically it. If you can, help me be entertained. If you know a good website or blog, please let me know. Also, if I have any people reading this besides my current 6 followers, please become a follower (over there, on the left of the screen, down a bit) so I can feel happy and fulfilled inside.

(And by the way, I
HATE the pictures of Serena that Aaron was displaying in his new show at the gallery - especially THIS ONE!!)


  1. Ew I hate that picture of Serena! I also watch Gossip Girl, and I am now sickly attracted to Chuck Bass...even though he's not actually attractive?

  2. thing is... chuck IS attractive in a way that i never knew growing up... what do you call it? metrosexual? who knows. whatever, he's f*cking hot! SOOO disturbed!