Friday, December 12, 2008

Boredom Abated!*

Thank goodness for facebook**! Otherwise I couldn't have begged people to send me entertaining messages. Ask and ye shall receive! I loved the SNL skit AND the Dolly Parton video, but the best was sent by Anna - thanks Anna!

Check it out for Christmas humor - click here.
Ho, Ho, Ho.

*This sounds odd to me... "boredom abated"... does it seem odd to you? Abated is a normal enough word for me, but you know how sometimes even your written name looks weird...? That's what's going on here. Did I just turn stupid?Hmm.

**Life's getting a little sad when I feel like I've said that numerous times now...


  1. *maybe "boredom averted" fits better...

  2. I think "averted" was what I was going for... ah, well. what can I say? Clearly my English is not so good since I'm so wonderfully fluent in Czech that I think and dream in that language... English is a little rusty.