Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Write a novel in 26 days... NO PROBLEM!

Yes, it's true. I have finished my novel and am an official NaNoWriMo Winner!

I just finished and entered my 153-page / 50,104 word novel into the site and am DONE!

It was great. I totally got into my characters, and went places I didn't know I would go, and actually wrote some stuff that was really nice. And good, I hope.

Now I can call myself a writer.

I think I'll take a few days before I start... editing. Oh boy!

Happy Thanksgiving - as my current Facebook status says, I will be celebrating with some fig vodka from Dresden (tonight, in post-novel/pre-Thanksgiving celebration) and tomorrow we will play a little squash, then go to the Christmas market in Old Town Square, then for Thai at Noi (love that place) and then I hope to talk Andy into going to see "Twilight." When I get home I will pretend I'm with family and watch our favorite, "Home for the Holidays." Love it!

Have a great holiday!!

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