Monday, November 24, 2008

The freaky faceless babies

Some of you (Michael) might be wondering about the picture of the weird faceless babies that I have added to my name-bar thingie at the top.

These, as my buddy Crapper might recognize, are actually the same babies, created by artist David Cerny, that crawl up the Žižkov TV Tower.

Now an additional three have been installed at Kampa Park, in Malá Strana in Prague, next to the Kampa Museum, where these giant babies are just "crawling" around.

FYI - they weigh 800kg each and their faces are ventilation shafts.

Freaky, right?

Yet another reason why Prague rocks. Giant faceless babies!!

1 comment:

  1. A metaphor for how we're infantilized and homogenized by technology?? Oh, whatever; they're creepy and cool. Sad to say, NYC has become so sanitized and uptight they'd probably cause quite a bit of indignation here.