Monday, July 14, 2008

Czech Technical Difficulties

We have arrived! We are safe and sound, and the only international frustration I am experiencing is that my macbook wont connect with the modem here, and theres no wifi and I so I cant get my computer online. So I am using the family computer, which is a Dell desktop that we brought here a couple years ago, and it works fine, except...

...the keyboard!

I hate it. Truly. After getting used to my macbooks wide spaced keys I am totally spoiled, and so I cant type a sentence without an error, not to mention when I attempt to delete a letter I press this weird other key instead which inevitably adds random umlauts to letters. Frustration! Here is an example= ΓΌ ¨n. Also, a lot of keys stick.


I also cannot locate the question mark key or the apostrophe, so I am learning to do without. I would have preferred not to write the old blog like this, but I have been forced to. I wrote a perfectly lovely entry the other night, on the mac, and saved it to my flashdrive... but, alas, this computer is so old it apparently is refusing to acknowledge my flashdrive. So until I can locate an internet cafe here in the village where we are staying, I wont be able to post it (its long and I am too lazy to type it again, also).

Oh, and of course, I cannot post pictures until I can get my computer connected to the internet. So theres that, too.

Thats the word on whats going on here. Hopefully in the next couple days I will post the *real* blog. Until then... ahoj!

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