Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Brunch

I'd just like to say that I hate brunch. I hate eggs, and I hate the brunch crowds. We went to Bistro 33, arriving at 1:30. It was tiny. I didn't realize. There were 5 of us, so we were told it would be a wait of about 15 minutes. We sat outside, just waiting and talking, while the largest table inside seemed to be finishing up and getting their check. After 15 minutes they ordered a plate of fries (we could see because they were on the other side of the window we were sitting next to) and so we checked on the time and the waitress said she just didn't know how long it would be. Of course, we'd called several days ago asking if we could make a reservation, but of course it was Sunday brunch so they wouldn't.

Needless to say, we decided to leave and go searching elsewhere. We ended up at 718 which I happen to love anyway, and had a much better time (though still had to wait 15 minutes - damn you popular Sunday brunch!) and the family was happy with this and it was a lovely way to bring in my 30th birthday. Hooray, and cheers for 718!

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