Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back again!

It's true!! I couldn't believe it either - it's been 4 long months since I last posted anything. Who the hell am I?? Who do I think I am? Some fancy too-busy-to-blog person, apparently.

But, seriously. I wouldn't leave my public (which I'm pretty sure only consists of my mom) for no good reason. That reason was... teaching, people! This job is strenuous! Especially year one, so they say. And especially when you're going to school, too. So I say.

But I'm getting back in the swing of things. After the holidays, I returned to school and got totally swamped, sucked into more lesson and unit plans, the state ELA exams, class novels, etc. It really is an amazing amount of work that goes into it. No one but another teacher or someone who lives intimately with one would understand.

But now it's the end of Spring Break. I've stayed in NYC all week, relaxing, walking and getting exercise and exploring my city. Sunday is my birthday, and tomorrow I go for a spa facial and aromatherapy massage...

...More when I return... (I promise!)

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