Saturday, September 1, 2007

And then there was Vienna!


First off...
Before I talk about Vienna, I'd like to say, I'm a computer retard. Which means I don't know much of how to do fancy computery things. Despite the fact that I took a basic computer class when I was at Hunter College doing my undergrad. But I just figured out how to link things on this here blog, so get ready people... you're in for excitement. My whole blogging life is suddenly just huge!

Pretty European building


We took the Pendolino from Prague to Vienna early Monday morning and arrived at 12:30. Because of the teaching fellows and exhaustion, I didn't get much of a chance to study up on my German, or do much research in terms of what to see and where to go. Most of my reading took place on the train ride. I relied only on Rick Steves' 2007 Germany/Austria book. That was all we needed. (More on how I adore Rick Steves at a later date.)

We took Rick Steves' self-guided walking tour and tram tour around the city circle. It was beautiful (I still love Prague more, though). Pictures!

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Judenplatz (Jewish Square - memorial)

Painting on the side of a crazy circus tent in a square.

Rick Steves recommends The Palmenhaus for lunch, and so do we! We didn't understand the menu and just ordered. This is what we got.

Herzparadeiser mit Büffelburrata
(Salad of mozzarella, figs, pistachio and what were either some kind of purple chip or fried lavender petals)

Entrecôte Double mit Kräutersalat und Pistazienöl Trüffelcrostini (für 2 Personen)
(Steak with fabulous garlic bread with truffles!)

You can see that these very appetizing plates were quite a relief from what may have been. After we ordered, husband started talking about how maybe Austrians love monkey brains and that was what we would end up being served - you know, Indiana Jones style. I started having anxiety, but then the food arrived and it was all good. Yum!!

Here's a picture of a fantastic old Viennese cafe that Rick Steves says hasn't changed since 1880, including that hat stand you can kind of see in the center of the picture. It's true - this place was classic. I can't remember the name now, but I'll list it when I am able to access it.

Yummy apfelstrudel (applestruden) and topfenstrudel (strudel with sweet cheese and raisins)

This was an amazing gelato dessert named "Mozart" at a gelateria next to the little Danube. This had chocolate and pistachio gelato, chocolate sauce and this amazing stuff I can only describe as pistachio cream, or butter, or something amazing. Oh my god - it was sooooo good.

Vienna, in our 30 hours there, was great, it was very pretty and clean. I didn't find anyone to be particularly nice, but that might be because most of the salespeople and servers that we encountered were all older women, and perhaps they didn't like us young and lively and tattooed tourists. We did have two very nice servers at this biezel (neighborhood restaurant) that we went to for dinner on our one night there, so that was promising. Lots of wine and good food. Forgot the name of that place, also. Oh well. Hooray Vienna! If only I could recreate that Mozart gelato extravaganza, I'd be the happiest tourist in the world.

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