Friday, August 3, 2007

Teaching Fellow Summer Training Graduate

Well. It's over. My 7 weeks that I was dreading so much... the June 2007 summer training for the NYC Teaching Fellows. Today was the last day. Hooray!

Our group was so rockin' - IS so rockin' - that I just love them to pieces. I wrote this in an email to a friend back on 6/23 (training started 6/18), "I've never felt so surrounding by like-minded and really truly intelligent people, with a similar sense of humor. It's a relief." And it's true! They rock!! We are the only English Fellows at Pace, and everyone is so special in their own way. Really, everyone contributes to the whole group in such an important way.

Ok. Enough gushing. But the overall idea is: Good group=good training that is actually not time completely wasted. Yea!

Training is over and now I guess I'm a "real" teacher. We'll see!

Good bye summer training, hello vacation... this time tomorrow i'll be on a plane going to the Czech Republic. Yay, summer!!

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  1. Have fun on vacay. I'm proud of you for finishing! YAY for bettering yourself. Let's get together when you get back!