Wednesday, August 1, 2007

One more day...

One more day left to this crazy Teaching Fellows Summer Madness. It's been great. And exhausting. And overwhelming. And highly informative. And slightly scary. But great.

One more day left of AM student teaching and PM meetings at Pace. One more day where I'll have to get lunch, sit in City Hall park. aww. Kinda sad! But then the excitement starts! First, Friday: our skit. With no definite plans, and no rehearsals to date, who knows what will happen. And then, Saturday. Ah, Saturday - Andy and I are out of here for more than 2 weeks, to Prague!

But for now, it's just one more day. The workfolio is done and I can finally focus on something I want - going to start Maus II tonight.

One more day and then summer vacation! One more day and it's the end of the summer training era!

Feeling kind of nostalgic now! Had to get it off my chest.

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