Friday, August 21, 2009

Found Me A Job!

Time to reveal that I've got a job! I will be teaching Poetry and Newspaper for an after school program here in the town.

Where I live.

Trying not to reveal too much.

Trying to be professional.

Very happy to be teaching again. This program will be quite structured and for this I am thrilled. I am in the process of doing curriculum plans. Nice.

Other than that... I was out of town last week visiting my grandmother in the Midwest. She's in the hospital. It's kind of stressful time, as she's 92 and we all love her so much. That's about all I'll share for now.

We took Vivi to the vet today and she got her rabies shot and took it like a pro. That bitch has got mad skills as toughin' it out through the pain and discomfort. Like her moms.

She also has gained 2.2 pounds, for a grand total of 6.2 pounds now!! She's growing so fast and it just breaks my heart. I can't imagine having a baby, as this puppy's throwing me for a major loop. Ah, well.

Back to my research for lessons now...and if anyone has any tips on producing a class newspaper (like, um, can it be on regular 8x11.5 paper?) please leave 'em in the comments section).


  1. My grammar, language and punctuation is a mess in this post. I think I'm distracted. Apologies.

  2. Hooray! Congrats! And I'm waaay too tired to notice any problems with your grammar.