Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Painting (Before & After)

Painting, painting and more painting. That's where I've been.

But today was a change - the big carpet cleaning expedition! How exciting!
We rented a carpet cleaner and just finished up four hours of intense cleaning.
I hate carpeting.

Here's some before and after shots of some rooms we've done so far, in terms of painting. We have lots of decorating that will be coming up soon; just not yet. foyer before (looking into the half bath)

foyer after

half bath after (never got a decent before pic)

guest bathroom before

guest bathroom after

guest bedroom before

guest bedroom after

dining room before

dining room after

living room before

living room after

Paint Colors:
Foyer & Half Bathroom: Glidden Antique White w/ Creamy White trim. (We were dumb - we went ahead and bought the Antique White based on a suggestion on a website that it's a great cream color, without actually testing it first... it's a little more grayish than cream, but it looks clean so I guess it's okay for now.

Guest Bathroom:
Behr White Bathroom paint (mildew resistant, all that good stuff) w/ existing wood trim

Guest Bedroom:
Behr Grass Cloth w/ existing wood trim.

Living room & dining room: Behr Cool Sky w/ Creamy White trim.


  1. I just painted my bedroom the same color as your "before" guest bedroom. My kitchen is now the "after" guest bedroom color.

    I thought I was painting my bedroom gray. Fortunately I like purple.

  2. it's even funnier that the guest bedroom before was inhabited by a 4 year old girl. you may think you wanted gray, but perhaps you have the true soul of a 4 year old girl. don't fight it.

  3. Dude. Now I'm itching to redo my house!

  4. Wow you got a ton accomplished and it looks great You know we love paint!

    We were also wondering if you could update your outgoing blogroll link from TYH to Young House Love ( And definitely check out the dramatic reason for the url change if you haven't already:

    Sherry (& John)