Monday, August 4, 2008

About eating and weight

Just a quick note for anyone wondering about my non-lite way of life. In case you have not read one of my first Prague emails, I will just say that I am convinced that the "lite" and processed way of life (which I was heartily attempting to live in NY and really not losing any weight at all, and taking in god knows how much sodium and other terrible stuff) is a total conspiracy and so as I have come here to Prague I have done away with that way of eating. I am eating mostly organic vegetables, grown here in the garden, as well as just basic, mostly non-processed and non-complex foods. I still eat some processed things, but overall I have cut way back, from my old eating lifestyle. But I am also enjoying kolac (see post below, About the Kolac) and zmrzlina (ice cream) and chocolate, though portions are definitely controlled.

And today I weighed myself, as I have been here for a month, officially, and I have LOST just over 5 pounds!! I will continue my new eating life in Paris and Venice, getting in a ton of walking, eating as many non-processed thing as possible. But I am definitely not restricting what I eat... I mean, France and Italy! Where better to eat!

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